Milligram – Pulse Points – Cleanse

Milligram - Pulse Points - Cleanse

Studio Milligram
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Pause and prepare your body, mind and environment with the sensory experience that is Cleanse Pulse Point Oil from Milligram Studio. Part of a collection designed in collaboration with Melbourne artist Spenceroni, this series of diaries, deskware and sensory objects is crafted to help create a unified sense of space and balance in your workspace.

Cleanse Pulse Point Oil is specifically blended for therapeutic properties, to cleanse your environment and mind. Scented with 100% pure and natural essential oils including Sweet Orange, May Chang, Cedarwood Atlas, Cypress, Sandalwood and Cardamom, Cleanse offers a sharp fragrance that will help you clean the energy of your work space and shake off any mental blocks. Simply dab a small amount on your wrists and neck to surround yourself in an invigorating scent.

Milligram Studio is the vision of a Melbourne-based creative team. Launching in 2017, Milligram produces stationery & lifestyle objects that are design led andQUANTITY: 1 x boxed pulse point oil SIZE: 10ml STYLE: Cleanse blend FEATURES: Pure essential oil blend Carry oils of jojoba and fractionated coconut SOURCE: Designed and made in Melbourne