OHTO - Sharp - Mechanical Pencil - 2.0mm - Green

OHTO - Sharp - Mechanical Pencil - 2.0mm - Green

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The OHTO Sharp Mechanical Pencil in green looks like a normal wooden pencil, but is actually cleverly designed as a refillable mechanical pencil!

It is made of cedar wood with a hexagonal barrel, and features a brass tip for the 2.0mm lead plus a classic ferrule around the top of the pencil. It can be refilled with the OHTO Sharp Mechanical Pencil Leads (Pack of 3).

OHTO was established in Tokyo, Japan in 1929 and began manufacturing high quality dyes & inks. The company has a long history of ink manufacturing as the founder of OHTO, Nakata Tozaburo, worked for the ministry of finance and invented a special ink for Japanese banknotes. Mr. Nakata went on to develop the first ballpoint pen manufactured in Japan in 1949. After the success of their 'Auto-Sharp' ballpoint pen, OHTO went on to design and manufacture the world's first rollerball pen in 1964.

The OHTO range now includes the original ballpoint and rollerball pens, as well as a range of writing insQUANTITY: 1 x mechanical pencil
LEAD SIZE: 2.0mm
REFILLING MECHANISM: OHTO Sharp Mechanical Pencil Leads Pack of 3
LENGTH: 13.6cm
MATERIALS: Wood body, brass end, PVC eraser
SOURCE: Designed & made in Japan