Arcadia Scott Ceramics - Faceted Espresso Cup - Sage

Arcadia Scott Ceramics - Faceted Espresso Cup - Sage

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Warm, welcoming and delightful on all fronts, the Faceted Espresso Cup from Arcadia Scott Ceramics makes a beautiful addition to your morning routine.

Made by hand in Arcadia's Brunswick studio, each Faceted Espresso Cup is wheel-thrown and glazed with a satiny sage finish. The solid, natural feel of stoneware gives a sense of peace and serenity that eases you into the day, or helps you slow down when you need a moment to think.  

The polar opposite of mass-produced mugs, each espresso cup features unique facets shaped by hand, making your cup unlike any other.

Espresso cup
Approx. 6.5cm tall x 6cm wide
Approx. 140ml capacity
Due to the handmade nature of this product, each piece will be unique and may vary from the image (but that's why we love them)
Dishwasher and microwave safe
Made in Melbourne