Bellroy - Sling Bag - Black

Bellroy - Sling - Black

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Keep your hands free and pockets light with this Bellroy sling bag. It’s big enough for the essentials, yet small enough to let you move like a New York minute.

An expandable side gusset means this bag grows as you fill it, then self-compresses slimmer when going super light. A neat magnetic clasp on the strap lets you clip the sling on and off like a fast-moving escape artist. Made from water resistant materials, the soft nylon webbing straps and padded paneling on the back gives you comfort.

The Sling can be secured flush against your front, worn loose across your back, or quick and easy on your shoulder. A centered strap position and two-way zips means this sling is easy to use left-handed, right-handed or ambidextrous.

Since 2010, Bellroy from Bells Beach, Australia, has put its heart, soul and countless design hours into helping the world carry with greater simplicity and ease. Every piece has been deeply considered to help you get the best of life's little mo

QUANTITY: 1 x sling bag
SIZE: 23 x 34 x 10cm
VOLUME: 7 Liters
WEIGHT: 350g
MATERIALS: Water resistant materials, leather.
SOURCE: Bells Beach, Australia.