Clairefontaine - Retro Nova Notebook - Ruled - 9x14cm - Pink

Clairefontaine - Retro Nova Notebook - Ruled - 9x14cm - Pink

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If you want notebooks that are a little funky and fun, then consider these pink options from Clairefontaine. The pink printing on the covers pops and is sure to brighten up your day, class, or meeting. With perfectly lined paper, they are ideal for any use.

This collection features three new designs that are inspired by some of the latest trends and comes in a pack of three with an assortment of patterns. Not only are the books attractive and updated but they feature a sewn spine, which helps to easily hold in all of the 64 pages without them falling out when you are on the go.

Since 1858, Clairefontaine has been milling paper, producing what is arguably some of the world's finest and nicest paper. They have perfected their ability to make gorgeous notebooks that are not only fun to look at but also enjoyable to write in due to the quality of paper used in their construction.

QUANTITY: 1x A5 notebooks
MADE IN: France