Clothes Doctor - No. 5 Eco Wash - 500ml - Sportswear

Clothes Doctor - No. 5 Eco Wash - 500ml - Sportswear

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Feel amazing during your workout with Clothes Doctor's No. 5 Eco Wash for Sportswear, specially formulated to keep your activewear clean and fresh.

The deoderising power of eucalyptus and lemongrass essential oils combine with bright lime and peppermint fragrances to give your hard-working gear the satisfying clean it needs. Specially designed for synthetic fibres and performance fabrics, No. 5 Eco Wash can be used on its own, or in with No. 2 Signature Eco Wash to give your regular wash an activewear-friendly boost.

Clothes Doctor was founded on the belief that your clothes should be friends for life, not a one-hit-wonder. Made to treat both your clothes and the planet with the finest possible care, Clothes Doctor's range of laundry products use palm oil-free formulations, plant-based fragrances and plastic-free packaging to extend the life of your clothes, and reduce your impact on the environment.

Laundry detergent (liquid)
SIZE: 500ml/up to 32 washes
FEATURES: Plant-derived, plastic-free, vegan and cruelty-free, palm oil-free, non-biological
INGREDIENTS: < 5% anionic surfactants, non-ionic surfactants, fragrance (citral, d-limonene, benzyl benzoate, amylcinnamal, linalool) preservative (phenoxyethanol). Wash hands after use. Do not consume. Rinse eyes if splashed.
MATERIALS: 100% aluminium bottle with compostable label
SOURCE: Made in Britain