De Atramentis - Document Ink - 35ml Bottle - Blue Grey

De Atramentis - Document Ink - 35ml Bottle - Blue Grey

De Atramentis
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A handmade range of inks from Germany, available in a huge variety of colours and types.

This Fog Grey is presented in a 35ml glass bottle that is a technically superior 'document ink' and fountain pen safe. Document inks are truly permanent inks, idea for use with official documents, such as legal or medical documents. They are waterproof, light fast, resistant against chemical influences and can't be removed without damaging the paper.

De Atramentis is a small family business, headed by Dr Jansen. He became passionate about inks after inheriting a family treasure in the form of a 17th century ancestor's Pharmacist's book detailing how to create inks. After four years of testing, the first inks were produced in 1995 with several hundred inks now in the range - and all still handmade.

Any fountain pen enthusiast, notary, artist or ink lover is going to want to own several of these fantastic quality inks.

Note: With document inks, you should clean your fountaQUANTITY: 1 x ink bottle
SIZE: 35ml (bottle approx 75ml H x 50ml W)
MATERIAL: Glass bottle + ink
SUITS: Any fountain pen that has refillable cartridges
SOURCE: Germany