Delfonics - Quitterie Pouch - Medium - Light Purple

Delfonics - Quitterie Pouch - Medium - Light Purple

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Not only does this pouch have a smooth touch, making it feel great to hold, but the PVC construction is also able to resist marking and staining, making it a great option to throw in a purse or other bag when on the go.

Light purple is a refreshing and calm colour option that looks great on this pouch. While the purple is light, it still manages to be very cheery and doesn't appear faded or dull. This makes it a great option for anyone looking for a brighter and updated pouch to store their belongings.

At 193mm x 141mm x 18mm, it's large enough to put any number of small belongings inside for storage and easy access. Additionally, this pouch features a durable zipper as well as perfectly turned corners, making it look incredibly high end. The smooth interior of the bag won't damage any small trinkets or items stored inside.

QUANTITY: 1 x pouch SIZE: Medium - 19.5 x 14cm MATERIALS: Waterproof PVC SOURCE: Made in Japan