Delfonics - 'ROLAND' Rollbahn - Spiral Bound Notebook - L - Type C

Delfonics - 'ROLAND' Rollbahn - Spiral Bound Notebook - L - Type C

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Giving a stationery classic a summery spin, the cover of Delfonics' "Roland" Rollbahn Spiral-Bound Notebook takes you on a European vacation thanks to its charming design full of classic holiday iconography.

Inside, this notebook has all the hallmarks that have made Rollbahn a household name among lovers of fine stationery, with 140 creamy pages of the Japanese brand's iconic 5mm grid.

Bound with Delfonics' sturdy spiral binding, each page is perforated for smooth, easy removal, with pouches inside the rear cover to hold your loose sheets, receipts and more.

1 x notebook
SIZE: Large (143mm x 182mm x 15 mm) 
PAGES: 140
FEATURES: 5 plastic pockets; perforated sheets
SOURCE: Made in Japan