Delfonics - Stencil Template for Rollbahn Notebook - Clear Orange

Delfonics - Stencil Template for Rollbahn Notebook - Clear Orange

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Decorate, categorise and symbolise your large Rollbahn Notebook or Rollbahn Diary with the Delfonics Stencil Template.

With a variety of symbols, shapes and patterns on a single, portable stencil plate; creating order to your notes has never been made so accessible!

Each of the three available colours - Clear Yellow, Clear Orange and Clear Blue offer an array of fun and handy shapes, brackets, braces, callouts, patterns, lines, numbers and symbols, as well as an 8cm ruler; the hardest part is choosing which one you want (unless you get all three)!

Using the stencil is easy, simply align with the top or bottom corner of the page or with the 5x5mm grid layout of your Rollbahn Notebook and trace away!

The Clear Orange template features many symbols such as a speech bubbles, weather symbols banners and flags, plus space to rule different borders around your page.

For over twenty years, Delfonics have been leading the way among Japanese sQUANTITY: 1 x stencil template
SIZE: 6.8 x 9.5cm
SUITS: Large Rollbahn Diaries and Notebooks
FEATURES: Assorted numbers, symbols and motifs MATERIALS: Acrylic
SOURCE: Designed & made in Japan