Diplomat - Traveller - Fountain Pen - Fine - Stainless Steel

Diplomat - Traveller - Fountain Pen - Fine - Stainless Steel

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A slim, lightweight fountain pen that is perfect to carry with you for work or leisure!

Available in a number of high-quality finishes, the Traveller fountain pen features a fine nib, chrome fittings, a sturdy cap with the Diplomat logo on the end, blue ink and a strong, reliable clip. Perfect to slip into your diary or compendium, so you'll never find yourself without a pen on your travels.

This pen comes into a beautiful metal tin, making it an excellent gift! It is refillable with international fountain pen cartridges and is compatible with the Diplomat converter. The full metal casing on Diplomat barrels ensures perfect balance, shock absorption and longevity, and all Diplomat pens carry a five-year warranty.

Handmade in Kierspe, Germany, since 1922, Diplomat pens are constructed using traditional methods and extremely high-quality materials– they are some of the finest writing instruments on the market today. Respected globallQUANTITY: 1 x fountain pen
COLOUR: Stainless steel
LENGTH: 13.4cm capped, 11.5cm uncapped, 15cm cap posted
NIB: Fine
INK: Blue
REFILL: international fountain pen cartridges, Diplomat converter
MATERIALS: Stainless steel, chrome
SOURCE: Handmade in Germany