Herbin - Fountain Pen Ink - 30ml Bottle - Bleu des Profondeurs

Herbin - Fountain Pen Ink - 30ml Bottle - Bleu des Profondeurs

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Known for being one of the smoothest inks in the world, this gorgeous ink is perfect for use in your favourite fountain pen. Not only does the ink flow smoothly from the pen, resulting in incredible lines and rich colour on the paper, but the inks are made from all-natural dyes.

Unlike brighter blues that mimic the sky and rushing water, this blue is moody, deep, and as dark and mysterious as midnight. The deep undertones of this blue are inspired by the depths of the ocean and mimic a dark and cloudless midnight sky.

There's 30 mL of ink the bottle, which is shaped to serve as a handy pen rest. The indentation on the top of the bottle is the perfect size and shape for a pen, creating a wonderful place to rest while working. All inks are nontoxic and pH neutral, as well as water based, which means that they will run if they are wet.

QUANTITY: 1 x bottle of ink SIZE: 30ml SUITS: Fountain pens MATERIALS: Natural dyes used SOURCE: Made in France