Hightide - 'Nahe' Travel Packing Bag - Set of 3 - Black

Hightide - 'Nahe' Travel Packing Bag - Set of 3 - Black

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Designed to be the perfect mixture of durability and function, these packing bags are perfect for putting items together when going on the road. They are a great option for any person who travels, as they are ideal for putting together stationary or other essentials and keeping everything contained.

This set is perfect for anyone who can't choose just one bag, as it comes with three different sizes. One small, medium, and large bag are all available, allowing users to mix and choose which ones are the best option for their upcoming trip.

The transparent mesh windows makes it easy to see what items are stored in the bag without opening up the sturdy zipper. Thanks to the durable stitching and heavy-duty zipper, these bags are designed to last for years without breaking or wearing out. Thanks to how lightweight they are, they fold flat and are easily stored when not in use.

QUANTITY: 1 set x 3 packing pouches SIZE: Small - 20 (w) x 12.8 (h) x 20cm. Medium - 32 (w) x 12.8 (h) x 22cm (d). Large - 40 (w) x 12.8 (h) x 30cm (d) FEATURES: Internal pocket, zip closure, handle, back pocket MATERIALS: Polyester SOURCE: Designed in Japan. Made in China.