House Doctor - Matt Thermos - Grey

House Doctor - Matt Thermos - Grey

House Doctor
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This gorgeous thermos makes it easy to finally take drinks on the go without worrying about them getting cold. The design of this thermos can easily keep hot drinks toasty for an impressive six hours, making it the first choice for taking a drink out of the house to enjoy later.

Grey is a gorgeous, simple, and attractive colour, which is why this grey thermos is so popular. It's sure to evoke emotion from anyone using it and promotes a feeling of calm and well-being. With plenty of space for 1.5 litres of coffee or tea, this thermos is great for all-day use.

Thanks to the functional handle, it's easy to transport this thermos without getting a hand cramp. The combination of stainless steel, silicone, and PP results in a high-quality thermos that has been built to last and isn't going to retain unpleasant tastes or odours. This makes it ideal for transporting a variety of drinks without problems.

QUANTITY: 1x thermos with handle COLOUR: Grey SIZE: 8 (d) x 37 (h) cm VOLUME: 1500ml MATERIALS: PP, silicone, stainless steel SOURCE: Designed in Denmark