J. Herbin - Wax Stick with Wick - Red

J. Herbin - Wax Stick with Wick - Red

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The J. Herbin Wax Stick with Wick is a traditional, tamperproof sealing wax that has a rich heritage dating back to 1670.

The high-quality wax sticks are made from a harder wax, excellent for certificates and tamper-proofing documents. It also adds a beautiful finishing touch to artwork, place cards, party favours, and hand-delivered cards and letters.

Wax sticks are sold individually. Each stick measures 1.4x12.2cm and can produce approximately 10 seals. A great option for the occasional user who wants to add a special, delicate detail to various applications.

QUANTITY: 1 x Wax stick with wick SIZE: 1.4 x 12.2cm FEATURES: Makes approximately 10 seals per stick SOURCE: Handmade in France