Jacques Herbin - Metal Fountain Pen - Brushed & Polished Palladium & Converter

Jacques Herbin - Metal Fountain Pen - Brushed & Polished Palladium - Eyedropper Fill

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Add a splash of luxury to your pen collection with this Jacques Herbin brushed and polished palladium fountain pen. 

Featuring an ornate stainless steel medium nib with an engraving of the Jacques Herbin logo of a ship, this fountain pen writes smoothly and comes with a twist-cap pen lid and a pen clip. Presented in a gift box, this is a great gift idea for any pen enthusiast.

This fountain pen is an Eyedropper Fill model, which means that the ink is stored in the pen itself rather than a cartridge or converter, and is filled using an eyedropper or syringe. Eyedropper fountain pens offer greater ink capacity, and hark back to classic pen design.

We recommend using a soft cloth to clean your pen. During prolonged periods of pen inactivity, it is best to empty the pen of ink and clean the nib in clear water.

The adventure of one of the oldest ink makers in the world began over three hundred years ago. Today, the Maison Herbin now expands its offer with th

QUANTITY: 1 x Fountain pen
LENGTH: 14cm, 17.5cm if posted.
NIB: Medium
COLOUR: Palladium
REFILL: Eyedropper fill
MATERIALS: Palladium, stainless steel.
SOURCE: Made in France.