Jacques Herbin - The Essentials - 50ml Bottle Ink - Swell Grey (Gris de houle)

Jacques Herbin - The Essentials - 50ml Bottle - Swell Grey (Gris de houle)

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Dark, deep and dense, this grey ink colour is inspired by the strong wave surges of a storm. It is both elegant and seductive Ñ perfect if you're looking for something rare but also harmonious. This stunning grey ink is an excellent addition to any ink collection, bringing your writing to life.Ê

Presented in an understated glass ink bottle and packaged in Jacques Herbin's signature amber box, this ink is both a great treat for yourself or a fellow ink enthusiast.

Jacques Herbin is an exclusive luxury collection, a complete universe of inks, writing instruments, stationery, and small leather goods for amateurs and connoisseurs of the lettering arts, calligraphy, and graphic arts. Jacques Herbin's aim is to ÒGive body and colour to our thoughts".

QUANTITY: 1 x bottle of 50ml fountain pen ink
COLOUR: Swell Grey (Gris de houle)
MATERIALS: Ink, glass.
SOURCE: Made in France.