Jacques Herbin - The Essentials - Cartridges - Eastern Red (Rouge d'Orient)

Jacques Herbin - The Essentials - Cartridges - Eastern Red (Rouge d'Orient)

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Red is the colour of colours: it is the symbol of power in Antiquity, happiness in China and passion. Dark and vibrant with a royal intensity, this is an excellent ink to bring your words to life.

Presented in a Jacques Herbin signature amber box, each pack contains seven universal ink cartridges.Ê

Please note, while these cartridges are universal, they are longer than the stand cartridge.

Jacques Herbin is an exclusive luxury collection, a complete universe of inks, writing instruments, stationery, and small leather goods for amateurs and connoisseurs of the lettering arts, calligraphy, and graphic arts. Jacques Herbin's aim is to ÒGive body and colour to our thoughts".

QUANTITY: 1 pack x 7 universal ink cartridges.
COLOUR: Eastern Red (Rouge d'Orient)
SUITS: Jacques Herbin and any brands which accept a Universal cartridge system.Ê
LENGTH: 7.5cm
MATERIALS: Fountain pen ink, plastic, paper.Ê
SOURCE: Made in France.