Journey of Something - 1000 Piece Puzzle - Edition K

Journey of Something - 1000 Piece Puzzle - Edition K

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Spend a leisurely afternoon pondering the cost of celebrity and what it takes to be famous in the 21st century as you put together the Kardashian family with Journey of Something’s Edition K 1000 piece puzzle.

You’ll love this slyly satirical puzzle almost as much as Kanye loves Kanye, with the Instagram-ready work of multidisciplinary artist Billie Morris. Once you’ve finished, you can frame the puzzle to hang on your wall, or slowly disassemble in your own performance piece about the ephemeral nature of fame.

Featuring the work of contemporary Australian artists, Melbourne studio Journey of Something brings designer style and a relaxed, playful attitude to their range of puzzles and games. With designs including native flora, gallery-worthy collage and the Kardashian family, the end result of a Journey of Something puzzle is almost as delightful as the mindful hours you’ll spend playing with them.

DIMENSIONS: 70 x 50cm (finished size of puzzle)
ARTIST: Billie Morris
MATERIALS: Made from Recycled Paper
SOURCE: Designed in Australia; manufactured in China