Katie Leamon - Single Pencil - B - Dark Green

Katie Leamon - Single Pencil - B - Dark Green

Katie Leamon
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These two-toned pencils are the perfect example of a professional combination of style and function. Not only do they sharpen easily and hold their point beautifully, but they look great when displayed in a pencil jar or put on the desk.

Dark green is moody and signifies growth, such as the underbrush of a forest, which is why so many artists and writers find themselves drawn to these incredible pencils. The moody green is topped off with a creamy peach end, tempering the green and adding a pop of brightness to the design.

Each box comes with seven pencils, which is perfect for keeping a few around the house and in the office, as well. The grade 2B lead is high quality and perfect for executives, writers, artists, and more. Investing in these pencils is an investment in luxury and will result in smooth writing and drawing without broken lead or a lot of pencil dust left behind.

QUANTITY: 1 x pencil
LENGTH: 17.5cm
MATERIALS: Wood, lead
SOURCE: Designed & made in UK