Kinto - SCS-04 Brewer - 4 Cups - White

Kinto - SCS-04 Brewer - 4 Cups - White

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Forget everything around you for a few minutes, and make a satisfying cup of coffee with Kinto’s Slow Coffee Style 4 cup brewer.

When so much of our days are spent rushing about, taking a moment to pause and carefully brew a coffee is a welcome respite from a fast-paced world. Kinto’s Slow Coffee Style series lets you replace the frenzied dash to a crowded cafe with a few minutes of mindful focus, and helps you produce a light, delicious coffee. This ceramic four cup brewer features a neat, economical design that allows you to engage fully in the ritual of making coffee, slowly pouring the water over the coffee grounds and forgetting about everything else for a few breaths. Simply place one of the included cotton filters in the holder, add your coffee and slowly pour water, letting it flow into a serving jug or directly into your mug. Upgrade to Kinto’s 4 cup stainless steel filter to reduce waste even more, and make your morning coffee more environmentally-friendly.


QUANTITY: 1 x brewer COLOUR: White FEATURES: Microwave and dishwasher safe. MATERIALS: Porcelain SOURCE: Designed and manufactured in Japan