Kinto - SCS-04 Stainless Filter - 4 Cups

Kinto - SCS-04 Stainless Filter - 4 Cups

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Slow coffee is some of the best coffee, offering full and rich flavour thanks to the inclusion of coffee oil and extraction of deep aromas from the beans. This slow coffee stainless steel filter is perfectly sized to brew four cups of coffee at once, which is great for a family or a huge coffee fan.

The filter fits perfectly on top of the carafe or brewer, helping to contain heat and aroma for the coffee producing a drink that is full bodied, rich, and delicious. Made from stainless steel, the filter is easy to clean and won't retain unpleasant odours from past beverages.

Using the brewer is incredibly easy and is the best way to get the perfect cup of coffee every single time without a lot of effort. It can easily be used with a glass carafe or carafe set, giving you a lot of flexibility and choice when brewing.

QUANTITY: 1 x filter COLOUR: Stainless steel filter. FEATURES: Stainless steel. SOURCE: Designed in Japan. Manufactured in China