LAMY - SAFARI - Fountain Pen - Medium - Cozy Strawberry

LAMY - SAFARI - Fountain Pen - Medium - Cozy Strawberry

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Channeling the comforting warmth of a classic dessert, the LAMY Safari Special Edition Cozy Strawberry fountain pen lives up to its name with a rich, delectable colour that's almost good enough to eat.

Cozy Strawberry carries on the charm of recent Safari special editions with a solid colour design that features matching clips, grips and rings. The visual impact is striking, adding to the warm feel and making this a truly unmissable pen. Pairing it with the complementary Cozy Cream finish completes the sweet feel of fruity sweetness meeting dairy-fresh cream that lends this special edition release an inviting, summery appeal.

The LAMY Safari is a timelessly modern pen that's in a class of its own. Sturdy plastic with metal clip, ergonomic grip and a black chromium-plated steel nib, the LAMY Safari’s ink-view grip and spring-action metal clip are distinctive features that add to the bold feel of this standout pen. Lightweight and easy to use, the Safari is a robust and fun

QUANTITY: 1 x fountain pen
NIB: Medium
INK: Blue
REFILLING MECHANISM: LAMY T10 giant ink cartridge or a Z28 LAMY converter for use with bottled ink
LENGTH: 13.8cm
MATERIALS: ABS plastic, stainless steel, colour-matched clip
SOURCE: Made in Germany. Wolfgang Fabian.