Meraki - Diffuser - Scandinavian Garden

Meraki - Diffuser - Scandinavian Garden

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Designed to easily diffuse a wonderful scent throughout a home, this gorgeous diffuser features 120 mL of scent, as well as seven sticks in an attractive glass jar. The seven sticks spread out from each other, allowing the scent to flow easily and evenly through the home, infusing the entire house with a delightful smell.

Feel the creativity and life that comes from spending time in a garden with this great diffuser. The oils were all chosen specifically to introduce a calm, loving, and creative feeling throughout the house. Every person who smells this diffuser is sure to feel embraced by flowers and the warm feeling of the sun.

Not only does this diffuser smell great, but the ingredients are all nourishing and gentle, which makes it safe to use around children and pets. The high-quality essential oils included in this diffuser are safe to use and smell every day, and will instantly improve not only the smell, but also the feeling of a space.

QUANTITY: 1 x bottle of scent, 7 x scent sticks SIZE: 120ml MATERIAL: Glass SOURCE: Designed in Denmark.