Meraki - Hammam Towel - White/Black
Meraki - Hammam Towel - White/Black

Meraki - Hammam Towel - White/Black

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This gorgeous towel is a practical addition to the bathroom and also adds a sense of luxury. Thanks to the high-quality 100% cotton that it is made out of, this towel not only looks great when it is new, but also ages exceptionally well, becoming softer and finer as it is used, washed, and dried.

Perfectly neutral, this white towel features stunning black stripes that help to break up the white expanse and add some interest. The white fringe on the edges adds movement to the towel without being so long that it gets in the way.

Even though this towel is thin enough so that it doesn't take up a lot of space, it still holds a lot of water and does a wonderful job evenly and quickly drying off the user. At 1800 mm x 1000 mm, it's large enough to use after washing or to quickly wipe down a counter. Designed to be washed in the washing machine, it requires very little care.

QUANTITY: 1x towel SIZE: 180 (l) x 100 (w) cm MATERIALS: Cotton FEATURES: lightweight SOURCE: Designed in Denmark