Meraki - Mini Poncho towel - Grey
Meraki - Mini Poncho towel - Grey
Meraki - Mini Poncho towel - Grey

Meraki - Mini Poncho towel - Grey

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Deliciously soft and soothing, this towel poncho is perfect for wrapping a baby up after a bath and keeping them warm, comfortable, and protected. The soft 100% organic cotton is perfectly safe to use on any child and won't cause irritation, even on babies who have more sensitive skin.

Thanks to the hood on this poncho towel, children can easily start to dry off their hair, which is a great way to keep kids from feeling chilled when wet. This also makes it a wonderful option to take to the beach or the pool. The tag hook allows the towel to be hung up to dry.

Designed to look as cosy as it feels, this soft grey towel is inviting and relaxing. It feels warm on a cold day and does a wonderful job absorbing water from the skin without a lot of rubbing and irritation, which is sure to make it a favourite of children and parents everywhere.

QUANTITY: 1 x poncho towel COLOUR: Grey MATERIAL: Organic cotton FEATURES: Machine washable on normal wash (60 degrees C) SOURCE: Designed in Denmark