Meraki - Mini Sponge - Brown
Meraki - Mini Sponge - Brown

Meraki - Mini Sponge - Brown

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Gentle skin requires gentle products, and this great sponge is perfect for use on a child. It's designed to be easy to use and to keep the child clean without being abrasive or harsh, which can be painful. This makes it a wonderful option to use on newborns, as well as on older children during baths.

Made from 100% natural sponge, this is a biodegradable option, which is great for environmentally-focused parents. It's the perfect option for any parent who is in the market for a completely natural option that won't contain any additives, dyes, or unnatural fragrances.

By rinsing the sponge thoroughly with clean water after each use, parents can ensure that it will last for as long as possible, providing the deep clean that every child needs after playing outside all day long. The texture of the sponge helps scrub away dirt without being uncomfortable or irritating sensitive skin.

QUANTITY: 1 x sponge MATERIAL: Natural sponge, Cotton SUITS: Children and babies SOURCE: Designed in Denmark