Meraki - Mini Tote Bag - White
Meraki - Mini Tote Bag - White
Meraki - Mini Tote Bag - White

Meraki - Mini Tote Bag - White

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The right tote bag makes leaving the house easier and more enjoyable than ever, which is why more and more parents are considering this option. Made from 100% organic cotton, this bag is perfect for any parent who is worried about exposure to unnatural dyes, materials, or colours.

It's a simple design, which means that it can easily be carried anywhere without becoming a huge statement, which makes it great for busy parents on the go. The durable handles feature impressive stitching to ensure that they do not pull away from the body of the bag, and are long enough to be worn over the shoulder.

Perfect for trips to the library, for carrying snacks, or simply for use on a holiday, this bag can easily be washed, ensuring that it always looks great. The pristine and natural white colour is natural and attractive, helping set this bag apart from others.

QUANTITY: 1 x tote bag COLOUR: Natural MATERIAL: Organic cotton FEATURES: Machine washable on gentle wash (60 degrees C) SOURCE: Designed in Denmark