MiGoals - 2023 Wall Planner

MiGoals - 2023 Wall Planner

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Looking over your entire year at once, MiGoals' 2023 Wall Planner is the perfect way to get your long-term planning locked down.

Thinking big-picture, the Wall Planner invites you to prepare your entire year, from your year's goals to your dream destinations to the habits you want to build over the next 12 months. You can even frame your upcoming year by choosing the quote you want to guide you, and putting it at the top of the Wall Planner so you're always following its guiding light.

MiGoals started with an idea to design a simple product to help people take their goals from dream to action. Frustrated with the lack of diaries and planners to help people focus on their goals and live life to their full potential, MiGoals was born to help people dream big and take daily action on turning their dreams into reality. More than a stationery brand, MiGoals is a global community of Goal Diggers and action takers helping Get Shit Done.

QUANTITY: 1x Wall calendar
SIZE: 50cm H x 70cm W size (Landscape)
DATE RANGE: Jan-Dec 2023
LAYOUT: Yearly column view
FEATURES: Daily slots; room for yearly goals, habits, places to visit, looking forward to; fountain pen-friendly
SOURCE: Designed in Australia; made in China