Milligram Studio - Sensory Collection - Candle - 220g - Beeswax

Milligram - Sensory - Scented Candle - Beeswax - 220g

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The faint smell of honey echos its former life of a structure of beauty and precision. Nature's perfect mathematical form. The wax carries the story of the hive. Beeswax sourced from bee hives across the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. Milligram Studio evokes the essence of Australian landscapes across a collection of scented candles. Hand poured in Melbourne this candle carries the soft scent of honey providing a subtle link to Australia's diverse geography. Designed and made in Melbourne, Australia.

QUANTITY: 1 x candle
SIZE 7.5(d) x 8.5(h) cm
VOLUME: 220g
FEATURES: Burn time 50-60 hours
MATERIALS: Mouth-blown glass. Beeswax blend.
SOURCE: Designed and made in Melbourne, Australia. Glass made in China.