mishmash - Naked Notebook - Plain - A6 - White

mishmash - Naked Notebook - Plain - A6 - White

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This gorgeous, yet understated, notebook is side stitched, allowing the pages to fold flat when writing, and making it easy to quickly record notes or write down private thoughts on the go. The minimalist design is attractive and the plain white paper inside is perfect for drawing, sketching, or writing without interruption, making this a favourite among creatives all around the world.

Perfect for taking on the go, this smaller 11 cm x 15.5 cm notebook features 96 perfect pages for doodling, drawing, and writing. The white cover of the notebook is pristine and pure, which helps to elevate this high-quality notebook into being ethereal and even more enjoyable to use.

Free of any lines, grids, or dots, this journal is great for creatives who don't want to feel constrained when they are working on a project. The smooth and blank pages offer complete artistic control to the user and are a pleasure to work on.

QUANTITY: 1 x notebook
SIZE: A6 - 11 x 15.5cm
STYLE: Plain
COVER: Soft Cover
FEATURES: Side-stitched, lay-flat binding
SOURCE: Designed & made in Portugal