mishmash - The Colourful Gang Notebook - Ruled + Plain + Dot Grid - A5 - Grey

mishmash - The Colourful Gang Notebook - Ruled + Plain + Dot Grid - A5 - Grey

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Creatives no longer have to choose just one notebook when they would rather have a selection to use each day. This fun and creative design compiles three different notebooks together. They're all different, but all have gorgeous green covers that help tie them together and make the whole notebook look cohesive and impressive.

Each of the notebooks has 96 pages, allowing for plenty of use no matter if they are taken apart or are left together. With a plain, dot grid, and ruled notebook to choose from, you always have the right paper for any project easily accessible. This is great for creatives who feel pulled in many directions and need high-quality and reliable supplies.

The attractive grey colour of the cover is muted and easily hides the excitement that is inside. The A5 size of these notebooks means that there's plenty of room for drawing and other creative endeavours without feeling cramped or constrained.

QUANTITY: 1 x notebook with folder
SIZE: A5 - 14.8 x 21cm
PAGES: Each notebook contains 96 pages
STYLE: Plain, ruled & dot grid
COVER: Soft Linen Cover
FEATURES: Linen folder that contains 3 individual notebooks
SOURCE: Designed & made in Portugal