mishmash - The Easygoing Colour-blocking Notebook - Plain - B5 - Mid Green

mishmash - The Easygoing Colour-blocking Notebook - Plain - B5 - Mid Green

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Creatives who want flexibility in their notebook will love that they can choose from three different sizes of paper in the same notebook. The three different paper sizes are all side stitched together, which prevents them from falling apart and makes it easy to corral ideas and keep them all together on the go.

For a moodier notebook and one that is a bit calmer and more relaxed, this green option is a great choice. The covers are a mossy green, neutral tan, and light blue, creating a relaxing mix of colours that are soothing to the soul, as well as inspiring.

With 64 pages to write on, this notebook is sure to be a fast favourite. The largest paper size is 18.5 cm x 25.7 cm, which provides ample room for writing and drawing. The pages are all plain, which makes it easy for this notebook to be used in a variety of ways without any restrictions, making it ideal for creatives, professionals, and students alike.

QUANTITY: 1 x notebook
SIZE: B5 - 18.5 x 25.7cm
STYLE: Plain
COVER: Soft Cover
FEATURES: Side-stitched, lay-flat binding. Mixture of page sizes
SOURCE: Designed & made in Portugal