Moleskine - Classic Foldover Backpack - Mud Grey

Moleskine - Classic Foldover Backpack - Mud Grey

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Add a touch of timeless style wherever you go with the Classic Foldover Backpack by Moleskine.

Inspired by the understated elegance of Moleskine’s iconic notebooks and diaries, the Classic Foldover Backpack carries over their clean lines and understated design to create an elegant backpack that’s both traditional and modern.

Made from soft, tactile materials, the Classic Foldover Backpack has plenty of room to carry all your daily essentials with grace and ease, with a small zip-up pocket on the outside to keep your phone or keys ready to hand. Comfortably worn on your back or carried by its handle, the Mud Grey colour goes neatly with just about any outfit, without the heaviness of a solid black. 

With a clean, simple design and durable build, the Classic Foldover Backpack is a sophisticated choice that speaks to your refined taste and good judgement.

Moleskine was created in 1997, bringing back to life the legendary notebook used by artists and thinke

QUANTITY: 1 x foldover backpack SIZE: 32 x 38 x 6cm FEATURES: Secure zip and magnetic closures, adjustable back straps, water repellent. MATERIALS : High quality polyurethane exterior. SOURCE: Designed in Italy BARCODE: 8058647623207