Moleskine - Paper Tablet - Plain - Extra Large - Adobe Black

Moleskine - Paper Tablet - Plain - Extra Large - Adobe Black

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Connect your Moleskine notebook to the power of Adobe’s industry-standard Creative Cloud, and digitise each pen-stroke in real time with the Paper Tablet by Moleskine.

A versatile combination of pen-and-paper tradition and cutting-edge software, the Paper Tablet tracks every mark you make with the Moleskine+ pen, and transfers it to Adobe Illustrator in real time, allowing you to sketch with the real-world tactility of pen on paper while giving you all the power and flexibility of Adobe’s class-leading design program. You can also upload your writing, designs and more to Adobe’s Creative Cloud for easy sharing to make collaboration a breeze. Sketch out a new logo proposal and share it with your team in just minutes, or give your designs a distinctive hand-written quality – with a convenient hard cover that lets you work anywhere, the Paper Tablet makes it incredibly easy to work at your peak.

Moleskine was created in 1997, bringing back to life the legendary noteb

QUANTITY: 1 x notebook SIZE: Extra Large - 19 x 25cm STYLE: Plain FEATURES: Moleskine History Inside. Expandable Inner Pocket. Elastic Closure. SOURCE: Designed in Italy ISBN: 8053853602190