OHTO - Conception - Mechanical Pencil - 0.5mm - Blue

OHTO - Conception - Mechanical Pencil - 0.5mm - Blue

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The Conception Mechanical Pencil in blue from OHTO works both as an advanced drafting pencil as well as a lead-guard writing pencil!

It is simple to switch between the two modes for this mechanical pencil - twist the grip as far as it goes in a clockwise direction to use it as a drafting pencil, and twist the grip counterclockwise to use it in lead-guard mode.

As a drafting pencil, the Conception allows you to use its 4mm guide pipe to accurately draw straight edges while also allowing an unobstructed view of where the pencil tip meets the page. As a lead-guard writing pencil, the guide pipe becomes a sliding sleeve that retracts with the lead as you write, reinforcing the lead and allowing you to write for extended periods without having to extend the lead beyond the edge of the guide pipe.

This mechanical pencil also lets you adjust how far the lead extends with each click, which is controlled by a rotary at the end of the barrel which allows between 0.2mm QUANTITY: 1 x mechanical pencil
LEAD SIZE: 0.5mm
LENGTH: 14.6cm extended, 14.1cm retracted
MATERIALS: Aluminium body, brass, SK material
SOURCE: Designed & made in Japan