P.A.P - Felt Futo Laptop Cover 13" - Light Grey

P.A.P - Felt Futo Laptop Cover 13" - Light Grey

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Handmade from durable, high-quality, and gorgeous ecological felt, this attractive laptop cover is functional and aesthetically pleasing. It's designed to protect laptops when on the go and provide an attractive cover that is perfect for taking to class or to a meeting.

Designed to easily fit laptops up to 13î, this light grey laptop cover looks amazing now and will only continue to improve with time. Thanks to the lighter colour of this cover, it is a refreshing take on a laptop cover and won't look too dark or weighed down.

The laptop cover opens along a long edge as an envelope does, allowing the laptop to slide easily inside. The top then folds back down and is secured by a thick, responsive elastic band. This band is tight enough to keep the laptop cover closed securely over the laptop and prevent it from sliding out but is not so tight that it is difficult to operate.

QUANTITY: 1 x laptop case MATERIALS: Felt, elastic. SUITS: Holds laptops up to 13" SOURCE: Made in Sweden.