Pilot Pen - Custom Heritage 92 Fountain Pen - Medium - Black

Pilot Pen - Custom Heritage 92 Fountain Pen - Medium - Black

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Exquisite in every way possible, the PILOT Falcon fountain pen is a joy to use.

PILOT is a global brand known for quality writing instruments. Featuring an iridescent lacquer over a steel barrel-body with rhodium trim and a screw-in lid with a pen clip, this pen is well-weighted to suit both calligraphy and everyday writing needs.

The nib is especially unique: inspired by the beak of the mighty falcon, the rhodium-plated 14K gold nib on this fountain pen is sturdy yet flexible, creating interesting line variations to give depth to your handwriting.

Presented in a classy black gift box, the PILOT Falcon fountain pen comes with its own Con-70 converter and one cartridge in black ink.

1 x fountain pen, 1 x Con-70 converter, 1 x ink cartridge in black presented in a gift box
13.6 cm, 15 cm when posted
Fine rhodium-plated 14K gold nib
Comes with a black ink cartridge
Refill with IC-50 Cartridges or Bottled Ink
Made with resin and steel
Made in Japan