Pilot Pen - Iroshizuku Ink - 50ml - Horsetail (Tsukushi)

Pilot Pen - Iroshizuku Ink - 50ml - Horsetail (Tsukushi)

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Iroshizuku is a fusion of the Japanese words "iro" meaning colour, and "shizuku" meaning droplet. Each shade in the PILOT Pen Iroshizuku ink collection takes inspiration from the hues of the Japanese landscape, allowing you to recreate the beauty of nature on your page. 

The range of PILOT Iroshizuku inks are packaged in sleek, 50ml hand-blown glass bottles which feature a broad opening for larger pens to be filled and dipped, and a cleverly angled bottom so you can reach every last drop of ink. This earthy shade of brown is bold enough for daily correspondence, with ample depth and intensity to make creative calligraphy projects shine. 

PILOT is a global brand known for quality writing instruments, and this stunning range of inks is available in 24 colours.

QUANTITY: 1 x 50ml ink bottle 
MATERIAL: Glass bottle + ink 
COLOUR: Horsetail (Brown) 
SUITS: Japanese fountain pens
SOURCE: Made in Japan