redfries - Single Card - Palm Beach

redfries - Single Card - Palm Beach

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Send a cheerful birthday message with this playful redfries card.

redfries' range of greeting cards are sure to grab your attention! There is a greeting card for every occasion, from birthdays to congratulation cards, and everyday to thank-you cards. Made from sustainably sourced paper, they feature redfries' signature bright designs and are accompanied with a cream envelope.

Horror vacui – Latin for the ‘fear of empty spaces’ – describes the desire in art, but above all in painting, to fill all empty spaces with images or details. Whenever Mrs. Redfries sees a piece of blank paper, it’s bye-bye good mood and hello unsettling feeling — a gaping feeling of absolutely emptiness, the horror of the void.

Now whenever Mrs. Redfries comes across a blank piece of paper, Mr. Redfries is quick to act, plopping her down in front a huge selection of colours. And soon, the nasty voids give way to small works of art and the horror vacui is successfully conquered once moreQUANTITY: Single card and cream envelope SIZE: 11 x 15.5cm INTERIOR: Blank inside MATERIALS: Printed on uncoated 300gsm paper sourced from sustainable forestry SOURCE: Designed & made in Germany