Milligram - Seconds - Desk Lamp - Red

Milligram - Seconds - Desk Lamp - Red

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These Seconds lamps are sold with some minor cosmetic damage that occurred in shipping. This may include chipped paint and small dents.

Brighten up your life with the natural curves and clean lines of the Desk Lamp from Milligram Studio's BALANCE collection.

Drawing inspiration from traditional balance scales that have been in use for millennia, the Desk Lamp explores that long history of form meeting function to create a lamp that is both a welcome source of light and a striking design feature for any room. The BALANCE collection combines organic forms with rigid lines and simple, elegant geometry that results in a lamp like no other.

The Desk Lamp uses an 8W LED 3000K warm white light source with a 99 year life span, and its body is comprised of aluminium and steel. The Balance Desk light is sold with a one year warranty.

PLEASE NOTE: Seconds products are sold as-is. Standard warranty applies for manufacturing fa