Serax - Glassware Collection - Hourglass - Medium - Transparent

Serax - Glassware Collection - Hourglass - Medium - Transparent

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It's never been easier to tell time and keep track of a task in a stylish and attractive way as it is with this great hourglass. Designed to make it easy to keep track of how long a person has been working on something and to provide a visual clue when time is up, hourglasses are a silent reminder of the passing of time.

Designed to run for 30 minutes, this attractive hourglass is 6.5 cm x 21 cm. It's large enough to be eye catching, but not so large that it takes up too much room in a home. Even though it is rather tall, it is still light and easy to turn over to measure the time.

Thanks to the gorgeous sand used in this hourglass, as well as the attractive design and shape of the hourglass itself, this is a statement piece that can easily work as part of a home's decor. The attractive shape allows the sand to fall smoothly and evenly, keeping perfect time each time it is used.

QUANTITY: 1 x hourglass COLOUR: Transparent SIZE: Medium (30 minutes) - 6.5 x 21cm (h) COLLECTION: Glassware MATERIALS: Glass SOURCE: Designed by Serax. Manufactured in China