Serax - Glassware Collection - Juice Straw - Set of 4

Serax - Glassware Collection - Juice Straw - Set of 4

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Skip the plastic straws and opt instead for an environmentally friendly option that will not only help save the environment, but also make drinking an even more pleasant experience. These glass straws are designed to be large enough to allow for even flow of a beverage without being too large to easily use.

These straws come in a set of four, which is perfect for a family to all use at once. They are created from gorgeous clear glass, which not only makes it easy to see the flow of a beverage, but also ensures that they won't hold any bad odours or flavours after they are used.

Since they can be so easily washed and reused, these glass straws are a welcome alternative to plastic and are perfect for a busy household. They wash and dry quickly, which means that users can rely on them over and over again without a long wait time.

QUANTITY: 1 x set of 4 straws SIZE: 23(l) x 0.9(d) cm COLLECTION: Glassware Collection MATERIALS: Glass FEATURES: Dishwasher safe. SOURCE: Designed by Serax. Manufactured in China.