Tatine - Tisane Candle - Bare Trees

Tatine - Tisane Candle - Bare Trees

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Enjoy a luxurious experience that takes you away from the stress of everyday life and quickly fills any space with a crisp and custom aroma with this gorgeous candle from Tatine. It's designed to convey luxury from the moment it is unwrapped from its impressive packaging and the wick is lit.

The creamy off-white colour of this candle hides an incredible smell that is easily recognisable. Designed to perfectly represent the feeling of walking through the woods on a moonlit night, this candle is heady, deep, and natural. The woody notes of the candle linger long after it has been blown out, and the musk and cedarwood play through any room, lightening up the space.

Made from soy wax, this candle burns clean and doesn't produce any unhealthy fumes or residues. The recycled, clear glassware is simple and allows the beauty of the candle to really shine. Once the candle has been burned, the glass can be used for other purposes, ensuring full use of this environmentally-friendly product.

QUANTITY: 1 x candle SIZE: 60ml FEATURES: Scented candle. 16 hour burn time. MATERIALS: Soy/vegetable wax, glass SOURCE: Designed and made in USA.