The School Of Life - Philosophical Pencil Set
The School Of Life - Philosophical Pencil Set

The School Of Life - Philosophical Pencil Set

The School of Life
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From Plato, to Kant to Nietzche, The School Of Life's Philosophical Pencil set will inspire your writing and provoke creative thought. Each pencil features a key word from the field of philosophy: Eudaimonia, Akrasia, Platonic, Phenomenology, Logic and Dialectic. The set also provides a detailed definition of each word – so that we understand them more clearly while we write.

Finely crafted from FSC certified wood, the Philosophical Pencil Set is both elegant and educational, unravelling the meaning of philosophical terms for application in the everyday. The ideal set for writing, sketching or simply having on-hand when a moment of creativity strikes.

The School of Life was founded in London in 2008. With branches located worldwide, they are devoted to helping all people think intelligently about central emotional concerns. This brand designs beautiful tools, life accessories and stationery that focus on key ideas from philosophy and literature, to psychology and thQUANTITY: 1 x set of 6 pencils, 1 x definition booklet, 1 x box FEATURES: 6 lead pencils featuring key words with a definition booklet MATERIALS: FSC wood SOURCE: Designed in UK. Made in Germany.