The School Of Life - Seconds - Motivation

The School Of Life - Seconds - Motivation

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We all have those days where it's tough to get going. The School of Life's Motivation card set is perfect for those moments, with 52 unique strategies to challenge your thinking and help you tackle the task at hand.

When you're finding it hard to keep going, simply draw a card at random and follow its suggestion. You might be prompted to imagine how Bob Dylan or Genghis Khan might approach your obstacle, or encouraged to re-frame the problem as an art movement to help you see it differently. With a range of approaches inspired by art, psychology, music and more, the Motivation card set will help you get closer to the enthusiasm you're missing.

PLEASE NOTE: The packaging has the word "Motivation" misspelt on the front; the card set itself is unaffected. Seconds products are sold as-is. Standard warranty applies for manufacturing faults, but change of mind refunds will not be accepted. 

Card set
SIZE: 155 x 115 x 35 mm
SOURCE: Designed in the UK