Whiteley & Sons - Threadsnip - 11cm - Black

Whiteley & Sons - Threadsnip - 11cm - Black

Whiteley & Sons
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These pint sized scissors from Whiteley & Sons are razor sharp and perfectly made to cut through string, rope, cord and thread.

They are made with a powerful spring action blade that is secured by a finger loop. One blade is serrated for additional grip on surfaces and a pivot screw for easy manoeuvring across coarse materials.

The blades are Xylan (PTFE) coated, which resists corrosion and facilitates easier cleaning; thereby extending the working life. The smart little blades enable continuous strong cutting and are foil stamped with the Whiteley & Sons logo.

Occasionally oil the blades with fine machine oil and wipe with a soft cloth. Note: do not use these in the garden or for cooking.

Whiteley & Sons from Sheffield is officially recognised as first starting the manufacture of scissors in the year 1760 - 250 years strong.QUANTITY: 1 x pair of scissors
SIZE: 11cm x 5cm (4.5")
MATERIALS: High carbon tool steel with Xylan (PTFE) coated blades
SOURCE: Made in Sheffield, England